This list does not include news reports.

Railnews June 1995
“Railman crusades for traffic-busting link”

Cumbria Magazine March 1998
“Railway Crusader aims to Revive Keswick Line”
6 pages with archive pictures.

Rail magazine issue 365 September 8 - 21 1999
“Saving our Rural Railways for the future”
This article wrongly suggests that the line could be operated by Parry People Movers.

Rail magazine 366 September 22 - October 5 1999
“Connections are the key to Keswick heavy rail scheme”
Response by Cedric Martindale stating what the project is really about.

Heritage Railway December 1999
“A Saviour for Paradise”
4 page article with archive and current pictures of the line.

The Railway Magazine April 2000
“Railways return from the dead”
5 page article featuring revival campaigns including the Keswick line. Archive and current pictures.

Rail Express April 2000
“Reversing the antics of Dr. Beeching”
Summarises reopening campaigns and includes picture of DMU in 1959 at same spot as heading picture in Railway Magazine showing abandoned trackbed !

The Journal (Newcastle) business section August 2 2000
“£1m bet on getting rail line”.
Feature and picture at launch of first Bond offer.

East Anglian Daily Times August 16 2000
“On track for new line”
Overview of project (Cedric is from Suffolk originally).

Professional Engineering 6 September 2000
“Keswick rail scheme looks for £1m boost”
Report on Bond issue and aims of project.

Westmorland Gazette 13 October 2000
“Railway Visionary”
Feature about the project, the reasons for it, funding and prospects.

News and Star (Carlisle) October 21 2000
“Council’s ‘back it or lose it’ plea over rail plans”
Reports on Keswick Town Council lobbying other authorities to support CKP proposals. With picture.

The Times "Weekend" 13 January 2001
"Can Cedric put the Lakes back on track ?"
Background to the project and the Bond issue

News and Star 24 January 2001
"Council backs bid to reopen railway"
Comments from Allerdale Borough.

Rail Express March 2001
"Moves afoot to rebuild from Penrith to Keswick"
Full page analysis with historic and current photographs.

Professional Engineering (IMechE) 28 February 2001
"CKP seeks £12m grant"

Railwatch (Railfuture) March 2001
Letters about the CKP scheme and the existing bus services

Heritage Railway March - April 2001
"Strategic Rail Authority invites bid from Penrith-Keswick revivalists".

Cumbria on line website April 2001
"Light at the end of the Tunnel".

Lake District Herald 28 april 2001
"Plan to reopen railway is "extremely ambitious""
Comments from the Lake District National Park Authority

Lake District Herald 05 May 2001
"Authority's 'cautious but open minded stance' on rail plan"
LDNPA not opposed to the principle of reopening the original
line of the railway.

Lake District Herald 19 May 2001
"Local plan conflict with rail line reinstatement".
Eden Councillors' strange views on the feasibility of reinstatement !

News and Star 23 May 2001
"£155,000 raised in railway revival bid"
Money, politics and the Foot and Mouth outbreak.

"Anorak of Fire" programme, Theatre by the Lake, Keswick
Light hearted biography of Cedric Martindale and memories of the Keswick railway by Ross Brewster.

Keswick Reminder 29th June 2001
"Railway work for Contractors ?"
How CKP wanted regeneration funds to help local farmers and other businesses recover from the effects of foot and Mouth.

Cumbria Life August 2001
"Cedric's Train of Thought"
Article and pictures about the railway project, Cedric's motivation and wider issues.

Conserving Lakeland (Friends of the Lake District) Winter/Spring 2002
"Rails to Keswick"
Conservation issues surrounding the original railway and the reconstruction proposals.

News and Star 07 March 2002
"Cedric's train of Thought"
Commemorating the 30th anniversary of closure and thinking about the future.

Cumberland and Westmorland Herald 16 March 2002.
"Penrith winner under rail line restoration plan"
Penrith Chamber of Trade support and submission to the Small Market Towns Initiative.

Cumberland and Westmorland Herald 20th April 2002
"Reopened rail route a major boost to area's economy"
Letter by Cedric Martindale describing the wider benefits of the project.

Corus Rail business magazine May 2002
"Reopening Keswick to Penrith"
History, scenery and developments.

News and Star 13 May 2002
"Rail link boss blasts snub to funding bid"
Reaction to the Strategic Rail Authority's decision not to fund any of the CKP project.

Railway World July 2002
"Keswick Controversy"
Commentary on the attitudes of local authorities and Government bodies.

News and Star 28 August 2002
"The Full Story"

Cumberland and Westmorland Herald 21 September 2002
"Industrial park access could add millions to rail route costs"
Eden Planning Committee approves plans at Flusco.

Keswick Reminder 11 October 2002
Review of the "Trains to Keswick" video.

Focus (Institute of Logistics and Transport) November 2002
"Penrith - Keswick, an alternative view"
Cedric Martindale's comments on the Lake District Transport Strategy team's negative comments about the railway.

The Keswick Reminder, Lake District Herald, News and Star (Carlisle) and The Cumberland News have followed progress with news items at all stages of the project.

Heritage Railway, Railway World and Rail Express have also provided coverage and encouragement throughout.

Cumbria Magazine, Cumbria and Lake District Life, plus various publications by the National Trust, Ramblers Association and other outdoor interest groups have been following progress.