Penrith-Keswick Railway on ice February 2002

This picture was taken from where summit bridge used to be, just east of Troutbeck. The 998 feet summit is a little west of here. The gradient is as steep as 1 in 60 from here westwards to Threlkeld.

Agricultural track near Stainton. Near bridge support is Penrith-Keswick line, far supports were for NER link to Eden Valley Railway, Stainmore route and LNWR.

Division Moor.

Division Moor with agricultural bridge. Just to the left of the cameraman is a partly demolished lineside hut.

Near Penruddock looking west.

Line passed to the left of this line side hut. A hundred yards from here is the A66.

Line side hut slowly getting buried in snow.

Steam Days March 2002 cover picture as it is in February 2002.

The proposed new route is under the rightmost arch of the A66 flyover or possibly a tunnel under A66 to get a better alignment.

Railway footpath just west of Threlkeld. The Threlkeld - Keswick railway footpath starts around 100 yards east of here.

Tourist line side hut with rock cutting a little further along. The river Greta is just to the left of here.

Division Moor deep in snow. Snow could be a problem for this line with deep drifts causing problems even with many concrete section walls to protect the line.

The River Greta with the railway footpath to the right.

"Little Tunnel" with a bowstring bridge in the background.

An under form of bowstring bridge over the Greta river.

The other side of "Little Tunnel".

The Keswick platform (platform 4) at Penrith station looking north, the track is still there but is now used as a goods loop.