Last passenger train poster.

This Gentleman is John Holme who was a guard on the Keswick line from the late 1800's to early 1900's. Picture supplied by Mrs. D.Edgar who is Johns grand daughter.

DMU at Troutbeck station on the last day of passenger operations on 4th March 1972, looking west out of the signal box. I was on board this train.

Picture very kindly supplied by Adrian Taylor Business Services.

100 year old ticket for Bicycle, perambulator (pram) and other articles on the Cockermouth, Keswick & Penrith Railway. Picture supplied by Brian Irwin of the Border Railway Society.

Ivatt Mogul in Keswick station preparing to depart for Penrith. Picture kindly supplied by Brian Irwin.

This is looking west towards Threlkeld with a snow topped Blencathra looking down on us.

Bow string bridge designed by Thomas Bouch. The stretch from Threlkeld to Keswick has upper and lower forms of this type of bridge. The path is owned by the Lake District National Park Authority and stretches from Keswick station to Threlkeld. The tunnel in the background is the shorter one of two along the line. 

Keswick Station around 12 years after closure.

Penruddock Station yard.

The station building is a very sorry sight, although this is after it had been got at (by the builders I assume). A little before this the building did not look bad at all considering it was built in the 1860's. Shortly after this was taken the station was demolished and a house built in its place. The houses then had gardens that completely crossed the track bed. This is not a disaster as there is room to the south of this point for a re-alignment.