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Note: The only person who represents the official views of CKP-Railways plc is the Managing Director Cedric Martindale.

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4th March 1972

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Winter-Spring 2003


Cumbrian Voyager unveiled at Keswick Platform of Penrith Station.

Penrith-Keswick map schematic

Reinstatement Project

The project is being led by Mr. Cedric Martindale who is Managing Director of Iceni Enterprises Ltd.

Cedric Business card

Cedric Martindale at his stand

Exhibition stand in January 2001 at The Sands Centre.

The stand is much larger for the August 2002 exhibition.

The TV is showing the OiS helicopter trackbed video.

It took about an hour to get a clear shot of the stand as there was an almost constant stream of interest in the project.


Mosedale viaduct
12 arch Mosedale viaduct, the largest structure along the line.

Penruddock viaduct

Penruddock viaduct which is an outstanding landmark in the village. The viaduct originally had nine open arches but now has four after five were filled in. The viaduct was to be sold off to be demolished but was saved due to Bats living on it.

Penrith - Keswick

This is where the line starts at Penrith. The platform and track are still there. The platform is rarely used because the line is now used as a goods loop. The line used to branch off to Keswick about half a mile west of here but is now closed just past the M6 motorway. The Keswick line waiting room was the first door on the left. The wall to the right used to have windows in the arches.

Keswick station on last day of operation

This is Keswick station which is now leased to the Keswick Hotel. This picture was taken on the final day of passenger operations on 4th March 1972.


View of Blencathra from Penrith-Keswick Railway

Looking west towards Threlkeld with Blencathra basking in the Sun.

Over grown trackbed section looking north-east towards Flusco.


Line side hut to left with Blencathra in the background. Just right of here requires a new bridge/tunnel over/under the A66.

Little Tunnel

This is "Little Tunnel" on the Threlkeld-Keswick Railway walk with a bowstring bridge in the background. Picture kindly supplied by Ann Bowker.

View from summit bridge towards Troutbeck.

Big tunnel buried.

"Big tunnel" which is around hundred yards long has been buried to preserve it.

An inspection in 2001 found the tunnel to be in excellent condition.

The path is the railway footpath between Threlkeld and Keswick.

At one time it was suggested that the tunnel be opened for a more level railway path but a boardwalk was used instead.

DMU in Keswick station

DMU in Keswick station. Keswick no.1 signal box to the left. The Island platform on the right hand side was accessed via a subway. The signal box and right hand island platform have now gone, the platform has been replaced with a car park.

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