New Year 2002

Trains to Keswick went from this platform on the track to the right.

This is the bridge that crosses the Glenderamackin river just west of Threlkeld.

Blencathra (Saddleback) can be seen basking in the mid winter sun.

This is the bridge crossing the river Glenderamackin looking north west.

The fly over in the background carries the A66, the railway will pass under the east side of this flyover.

This is the view looking north east into Penrith station.

The Keswick line is the leftmost track, the rightmost double track is the west coast mail line.

This is looking west where the Penrith-Keswick line branched off to the right and started to rise. The Keswick line is the rightmost track. This bridge takes the railway over the M6.

This is a sad view of Threlkeld station of which only parts of the platforms are left. The platform edge is used for a footpath. The National Trust has taken over the site.

This is the trackbed just west of Penruddock station looking west with a snow topped Blencathra in the background. The road went over the railway at this point. The bridge has been removed and the cutting filled in.

This is a railway bridge over an agricultural track near Stainton. The bridge is remarkably intact considering the line has been closed for 30 years. To the left of this point some agricultural buildings have been erected.

This picture looks across the Penrith golf driving range onto the railway trackbed which is being used for a tee-ing off point. Just behind the NER trackbed (completely removed now) runs the Penrith-Keswick railway trackbed which is still intact.

This is a section looking north just east of Blencow station.

An old railway hut can be seen to the left. The station yard is now used by a coal merchant. To the right of the picture the railway trackbed is still intact and is sectioned off for use by cattle. Blencow station is still intact but the trackbed between the platforms is now in use as part of a home. The proposed new line would run to the north of the station platform which used to be a goods loop. This picture has been taken from land that was previously the sidings trackbed into Blencow quarry.

This is the infamous St. Andrews cutting which was notorious for filling with snow. Just to the east of this bridge a good few hundred yards of concrete wall was added to stop the snow filling the cutting.

The bridge is both agricultural and a public right of way although the original gate has been removed and replaced with a stile. The cutting appears to have been abandoned as it is now home for many blown down tree's, Foxes, Rabbits and the occasional stray Sheep. There was a disaster here in the 1940's when some soldier's were killed and others hurt when a train ran into the cutting while they were removing snow.

This is a section about a mile east of Penruddock at Division Moor. The trackbed is still very clearly visible although just to the right of this picture many small trees have blocked the trackbed. Just to the left of the picture a field corner has encroached on to the trackbed and some landscaping has been done. There is the remains of a small railway hut to the right of the bridge which is mostly demolished now. To the right the trackbed used to go under a minor road, the bridge has been removed and the cutting filled in. There is a small wood to the right of this picture where the public are allowed to roam. The public wood runs adjacent to the trackbed for around a hundred yards.