The FULL Story...
By Staff Reporter
Published in The News and Star on 13/03/2003
THE recent visit of Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott to Keswick could help build up a head of steam for the revival of the Keswick to Penrith railway link.

The driving force behind the project, engineer Cedric Martindale, said: "Mr Prescott's personal interest in developments in Keswick is seen as particularly helpful. Transport is a key part of his portfolio."

During his visit, Mr Prescott was particularly keen to find out about key issues in Keswick, such as affordable housing and transport.

Mr Martindale said both featured in the proposals drawn up by the partnership created to manage the Market Towns Initiative for Keswick.

The Deputy PM promised that he would be back to monitor progress being made and study the effectiveness of Government programmes.

Mr Martindale said: "The detailed nature of planning for railways means that conflicts and delays can arise because the aims of the different organisations do not match."

CKP Railways plc, the company set up to try and bring about the re-opening of the rail link between the two Cumbrian towns, will be publishing a prospectus for a further Bonds scheme later this month. The last offer raised more than 177,000, enabling the design work to be carried out.

Corus Rail Consultancy has completed the draft of the Scheme Description Report it was asked to produce. This is a technical evaluation of the whole route as it stands with options for re-instatement.

Mr Martindale told rail supporters this report would act as an index of the more detailed work which lay ahead