30th Anniversary of closure to passenger services pictures, 4th March 2002

Rear of Troutbeck Station.

Sign from west end of Keswick to Railway Station.

Keswick Station frontage, the headquarters of the CK & PR. The building originally had a much bigger awning at the front.

The remains of Threlkeld Station which is now a National Trust depot. There is still room to get a railway track on the left hand side of the picture.

View from Voyager northbound into Penrith station viewing the old Keswick line. This piece of track was part of the Keswick line and to bring it back into use needs a junction and the associated signaling reinstating.

Sign to Blencow station with Blencow station on the right hand side of the picture. The railway has a bridge missing over the road. Also the trackbed has been blocked here but there is room to go around using the old goods loop on this side of the station.

The waiting room at Penrith station previously used for trains to Keswick but now used for northbound passengers. The windowed door to the Keswick platform (platform 4) is now kept locked.

The Keswick platform at Penrith station which is in remarkable condition. The platform had just been renovated when this picture was taken.

Right hand entrance to Penrith station, the subway takes you to the northbound (platform 2) and the Keswick platforms (platform 4).

Looking east from the west end of what was Penruddock station.

The station yard now has a housing estate on the land.

The station building was demolished to make way for a new house and the house and adjoining houses have gardens across the trackbed. This is not a problem as the line can be re-aligned to the south of here. The bridge over the Motherby road was removed and the cutting filled in.