We respectfully ask that people refrain from trespassing on private land to help later when landowners have to be approached to buy or lease their land. There are many places where the trackbed can be viewed from public footpaths and roads.

Where you can walk:

This is a view from the A66 flyover at Threlkeld. The start of the Threlkeld - Keswick railway footpath is just to the east (right) of here and is well signposted. The walk can be accessed also from behind the Leisure Center in Keswick.

If you cross this bridge and go straight on the path takes you to Keswick station, roughly four miles.

If you cross the bridge in the picture then take the first path to the left this takes you to a minor road.

Turn left at the road, go up the hill and look for a gate on the right hand side of the road, this path takes you to Threlkeld station and then you can follow the path to the left of Threlkeld station platform all the way to Keswick Golf Club where the path ends and private land starts.

Welcome to Tarn Moss

This Moss developed in a hollow left by the ice age and receives water from the surrounding fells. Most of the water is acidic and produces the typical upland bog communities. Some of the water has nutrients in it which enrich the bog and produce vegetation communities more typical of lowland England. Visitors are welcome to walk over the moss.

Tarn Moss is open to the public, I believe the area belongs to the English Nature.

This picture is looking east from what used to be "Summit Bridge (889 feet)" and you can walk as far as the fence just before the large Turkey sheds.

There used to be a lineside hut around 100 yards from here on the left hand side of the trackbed where the line curves to the right.

The large wood around this area has appeared since the line was closed.

Tarn Moss is just west of the Sportsman's Inn at Penruddock. There is a convenient lay-by on the A66 just east of this picture.

Be careful after wet weather as this area can be flooded if you wander from the trackbed.

There are drainage ditches at this end of the trackbed so the trackbed is in very good condition.

If you follow the fence to the right from where this picture was taken there is a gate and a wooden fence which is easy to climb over.