Sleeping Badger taking advantage of the spring sun on Tarn Moss.

This is usually a good place for Deer of which the most I have spotted at once is four.

Remains of line side hut around half a mile east of Penruddock.

Penruddock viaduct looking west.

Looking west from the M6 bridge at maintenance work. This is the site of the Keswick junction with WCML.

Lineside hut and cattle bridge with Blencathra in the background.

I took this picture at Tymparon Hall near Blencow station while alerting a Farmer to a sheep stuck in a fence.

This is an agricultural bridge about 300 yards west of Blencow station.

Mosedale Viaduct with a misty Blencathra to the right.

This is St. Andrews cutting which is just accessible in winter, it can become very overgrown in summer.

This is quite a creepy location and was once the scene of an accident when four soldiers were killed.

Road bridge half a mile east of Guardhouse

This looks like a signal cabin inside and is just east of Keswick Golf Club.

View from same cabin on a very cold winter day.

Penrith station, Keswick platform (4) on a January evening.

This is the cutting just east of Penruddock on a very cold winters day.

View from Lineside hut about half a mile east of Penruddock.

Agricultural bridge about a mile east of Penruddock looking west.